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A nationally broadcast sex radio show with your host Paige!

November 7, 2017

Episode #97 - The Gang is Back! - Macy Kennedy

In this episode we are joined by Paige, Lucas, Taryn, Nathan, and Amanda is back! We talk about our sex lives, Nathan's most recent discovery with Anal Beads, and so much more. We also chat with the SUPER sexy Macy Kennedy and she has a PERFECT asshole. Tune in! 

November 6, 2017

Episode #96 - Couples Therapy…again.

In this episode, we are back with Paige, Lucas, Taryn, and Nathan. They discuss their personal lives and sexual partners and we learn WAY too much about them. We get to talk to Lisey Sweet and Ricky Rodeo - they're fucking amazing. Tune in! 

October 23, 2017

Episode #95 - Nirvana Lust and Kristin the Sex Therapist

In this episode we chat with the lovely Nirvana Lust (@LustNirvana) and we compliment her on her incredible dicksucking ability and big ol' boobies. Then, we divert and talk with Kristin the Sex Therapist (@SexStuffWthKris) and we get to the root of a lot of our sexual problems with her! 

October 10, 2017

Episode #94 - Tinder Storytelling?

In this episode we talk about dating, and how guys are getting it fucking WRONG. Taryn and Nathan are back on tinder, throwing that dick around. Taryn gets an overzealous dude who sends her some shitty erotic story he "wrote for her" and it's God awful. We then talk about dating norms and why guys don't get anything right these days, it seems. 

October 3, 2017

Episode #93 - Tangled Tanzi in Studio - Bumming with Buttcat

Yes, we called this show "Bumming with Buttcat". We have Tangled Tanzi in studio, all the way from the northeast and she decided to come visit us! Our show gets off the rails crazy with sex toy talk, a whole lot about anal, and so much more. We love having porn professionals in the studio! <3 

October 2, 2017

Episode #92 - Nina Rivera Interview | PUT IT IN YOUR BUTT | Oral Sex IS EASY

In this episode of the show, a lot of shit happens. Unfortunately this description was written way later in the game, so you'll need to tune in to see what went down. We interviewed the sexy Nina Rivera, and she's gonna send us DVD's of herself getting the diiiiiiick. Yay! 

September 20, 2017

Episode #91 - Welcome to the SpunkLube Studio! Fuck YOU Irma!

After Hurricane Irma decided to buttfuck Florida, we are FINALLY back after our move! SFD is now in the brand new SpunkLube studio! Paige is joined by Nathan, Taryn, Lucas, and Amanda this week. We interview the NinjaStarz (who are sexy as fuck) and we play a bunch of games, including one with Porn Parody Puns. Also, we talk about lesbian wet dreams. LISTEN IN.

August 22, 2017

Episode #90 - Sneakin’ it in ya Butt!

It's episode 90. You'd think by now that Paige would do a bit of prep. NOPE. But that's okay. We are joined by Paige, Taryn, Nathan, Amanda, and Antonio decided to stop by too! We talk about sex, and we have a super cool interview with Marie, she's a camgirl and fucking FANTASTIC. Then we end the night talking about butt stuff, going through "missed connections" on craigslist, and so much more. Oh, we watch our sponsor Jeff (from Spunklube) fuck a pumpkin. We keep good tabs around here!

August 15, 2017

Episode #89 - Have you Done That? You WANNA do that?

It's the eve of Episode 89 and we have a new contributor on the show, Antonio! We listen to the super awkward sex noise recording that T made during her last sexcapade with Nathan.......its fucking hilarious. Then we play some new games and find out what people think of sex in 2017. Fuckin' millenials. 

August 8, 2017

Episode #88 - How Many Dicks Be On Your Phone?

Welcome to Episode 88 of SFD, which is just off the rails and ridiculous. Join Paige, Taryn, Lucas, and Nathan as they figure out how little they know about eachother and we get in depth about Taryn's exorcist-style orgasms. We discuss our new studio, and all of the awesome shows on our network that will be taking over soon! We are almost to 100 shows - thanks for being loyal followers!