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A nationally broadcast sex radio show with your host Paige!

July 18, 2018

Episode #112 - Spilling Tea all Over Me!

We're back after two weeks of break, and we're all pent up! In this episode we spill a lot of T, we talk about how Nathan got fat shamed (but he still gets lots of pussy so whatever) and we talk about sex challenges. Tune in! 

June 25, 2018

Episode #111 - Evil Opal is ON!

In this episode of the show, Evil Opal joins us for some fun. We talk sex, discuss our own lives, and get real damn personal! 

June 18, 2018

Episode #110 - Juicebox that Shit!

On this episode of SFD, we chat with Brianna of Juicebox (@JuiceboxIt) - a sex and relationships app. We then go through Juicebox and participate in some lively conversation and commentary based on what we found in the app! Yay penises! 

May 29, 2018

Episode #108 - Kelley Cabanna Interview - Welcome BACK!

After a little hiatus we are BACK! We interview @KelleyCabbana (link: https://twitter.com/KelleyCabbana) and she is friggin amazing. Then, we get into our normal sex talk and we discuss dating in the gay/hetero world, and what's going on in our fucked up lives. Tune in! 

April 11, 2018

Episode #107 - SpunkAPalooza 2018

Episode 107 is our 2018 SPUNKAPALOOZA live from Jack and Jill Adult Superstore in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are joined by TwoThornedRose, Evil Opal, Anjii Ross, and Jadan Snow! Special guests include some random customers at the store and King Noire! We play games, give away shit, and talk sex for 3 straight hours - tune in! 

February 27, 2018

Episode #106 - Amanda Gonna Cum Herself - Casey Kisses Interview

In this episode of SFD, we are FINALLY live again! Join Paige, Lucas, Amanda, and Nathan for some sexual frivolity! We then chat with the gorgeous Casey Kisses and we talk about her big ol' cock. Then, Paige asks a bunch of awkward questions and Amanda says Daddy like 5845 times. Girl was HORNY AS HELL. 

February 6, 2018

Episode #105 - My Daddy’s Butthole

In this episode, we discuss dick size and how much is too much. Then, Paige talks about suckin country boy dick at the line dancing club, then she and Nathan do a role play....it doesn't end well. Then we do our sexcapades, discuss our own physical preferences, masculine vs. feminine tastes, and then we determine that tonight's show is called "My Daddy's Butthole". Daddy......daddy......father.

January 30, 2018

Episode #104 - Sex Quizzes and Preferences

In this episode of SFD, we talk about some recent sexcapades and Nathan admits that he did something...again...to see if he liked it. Did he? FIND OUT. Then we play some sexual trivia games and discuss some hard hitting dating questions. Could you set your significant other up on a blind fuck-date? Would they pick someone you'd like? Find out! 

January 29, 2018

Episode #103 - Happy New Year!

The FIRST show of 2018! We have a recap of what went on during our holiday break, sexcapades, and so much more! 

January 8, 2018

Episode #102 - The Pipe that is Black

Episode #102 Featuring Black Pipe XXX. Tune in! (this was published waaaaaaay late, and we forgot what we talked about. aren't we just the worst?)