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A nationally broadcast sex radio show with your host Paige!

April 11, 2017

Episode #73 - We Didn’t Really Plan This Out

Literally....we really didn't plan. Nathan, Carrie, Mads, and Taryn are back to 'entertain' you. Paige is still out, but the show is BACK TO BUSINESS! We talk about period sex, Mads tell us about her bloated self, and Carrie broke her toe. We were a barrel of laughs this week. 

April 4, 2017

Episode #72 - Sex Trivia, Emojibator Racing, and Lots of Pussy Talk

It's episode 72 and it's time to get nutty - Paige is still gone, but Nathan, Carrie, Taryn, and Mads are here to save the day. We talk Sex Trivia, our Sexcapades, Emojibator Racing, and we get really vagina specific. Nathan's new sex partner calls in and talks about how she punched him in the head accidentally during their first encounter! CRAZY, NO? Finally, we end the night with a special appearance by Paige, who has long been away in musical theater land. Tune in! 

March 21, 2017

Episode #71 - Rating Dicks and Sexy Chicks

In this episode we welcome a new contributor, Mads, who does Snapchat camming. She gets her army of pervs to listen to our show and flood us with calls. We talk about fetishes, rate some dicks, and just have a gay ol' time. We also chat with our Poly friend Ronnie - she will be on our SpunkAPalooza next month. She recently had three girlfriends.....whoa. Tune in! 

March 14, 2017

Episode #70 - Vanessa Davis & Lisey Sweet - Tinder Nightmares - Find the Dick Under the FUPA!

On this episode of SFD, it's Taryn, Kandy (who is back after a few months), and Nathan! They chat with Vanessa Davis, who is going to be a guest on our SpunkAPaloooza show in April - she is a Dom who loves latex! YAS! Then, we talk to Lisey Sweet and Nathan falls in love with her bush. She wants to to some gangbangs with some BBC, and honestly, we wanna see that shit. 

March 7, 2017

Episode #69 - SFD 2 Year Anniversary Show! Sexy and Fun!

It's the 2 year anniversary of Slings, Flings, and Dingalings! We introduced Chris, one of our new contributors to the show! He's a comedian, gay, and outspoken.....so he's PERFECT for our show! Then, surprisingly, Paige and Taryn showed up and we got to enjoy our anniversary in style! We discuss dicks, gay bathhouses, and how Snapchat is taking over our lives. Also, we announce our next SPUNKAPALOOZA and newest sponsor, AdamsToyBox.com! Tons going on this week! 

February 28, 2017

Episode #68 - Slings #BestOf Night - Porsha Carrera

Paige, Carrie, and Taryn are all off tonight, so Producer Nathan is at the helm! We dig into the vaults and listen to some classic BEST OF's! First, we listen to our interview with King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine. They are amazing. THEN, Producer Nathan interviews Porsha Carrera - she's a super sexy ebony pornstar who has been in the industry almost 10 years now! She and N have a great convo, and she even thinks he'd be a good fuck! OH GOD. Then we replay our interview with PolyRonnie - she explains the Poly lifestyle and how it works for her! 

February 14, 2017

Episode #67 - Betty Blaze, Jaime from Emojibator, and the Masturbation Episode!

BIG SHOW AHEAD! One of our favorite people, Betty Blaze, arrives in a puff of smoke and we have a ton of fun! Then, we chat with Jaime of Emojibator - ya know, that Eggplant/Chili Pepper vibrator we keep talking about. He's the co-founder and has lots to say about his brand - he even has hilarious lists! Then we talk about self love - masturbation is awesome! Oh, and Nathan found a RuPaul's Drag Race soundboard and Taryn died a happy bitch.

February 9, 2017

Episode #66 - Queen Arena Rome, Trinety Guess & Curvy Quinn IN STUDIO!

In this episode we are joined by Triney Guess and Curvy Quinn in studio - they are amazing. Our studio is full of titties allllll night. We also chat with Queen Arena Rome - we find out what it takes to be a dom, MILF, cuckoldress! It gets crazy when the pornstars TAKE OVER! 

February 7, 2017

Episode #65 - Maria Jade, Oral Talk, and Aerie

DOUBLE INTERVIEW PENETRATION! In tonight's show, we chat to Maria Jade and Aerie - they tell us about their experiences in the industry. We also talk about how dudes don't know how to eat pussy....it's an epidemic. Always a fun night here on the SFD! 

January 31, 2017

Episode #64 - Nathan and Carrie Takeover - Raven Roxx - Dick Pics - Logan and Grace Call Us!

Sorry, that episode title was fucking long. We just did so much! Taryn and Paige are out gallavanting at an audition, while Nathan and Carrie are slaving over a hot sound board alone. They talk sex, chat with Raven Roxx, and discuss "post wedding blowjobs". Thrilling. Then, like a thief in the night, Paige appears and the show somehow gets better. We talk to SFD Fan of the Day LOGAN and he drags his poor girlfriend Grace into this.....and yes, they're over 18. Listen to this super interactive show!