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A nationally broadcast sex radio show with your host Paige!

January 10, 2017

Episode #61 - All Aboard the RelationSHIP!

It gets really relationshippy in this episode of the show. Join Paige, Taryn, and Carrie as they navigate the waters of relationship styles. They also talk about things you SHOULDN'T say in a relationship. Oh, and they talk about anal. Oh golly! 

January 3, 2017

Episode #60 - Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year! In this episode, we talk about new Sexual Experimentation and New Years Resolutions. We also discuss sexual orientation labels - many having to do specifically with people who identify along the asexual spectrum. Also, some new shows are starting on our netwok - we are GROWING! Fuck yeah, 2017 is gonna rock.

December 29, 2016

Episode #59 - King Noire & Jet Set Jasmine In Studio

In our final show of 2016, King Noire and Jet Set Jasmine finally stop by the studio and we have a great conversation! It's been a long time coming (literally), and they are amazing! We learn about their lives, their kinks, and what they'll be up to for the next year! We end the night with a call from the cutie Callie Klein, and convo about our sexcapades! 

December 20, 2016

Episode #58 - Slingsmas (ft. Ladies Night)

This is our SLINGSMAS episode - Paige and Nathan decided to be MIA, so Carrie and Taryn took over for an hour. Then, like a seasonal fog, Paige arrived to continue the show for the final hour. We talk about Holiday themed sex positions (from Cosmo...spoiler alert - they suck), then we discuss BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE and how rapey it is, by today's standards. We also dive into Toxic Masculinity, and how it needs to be stopped as well as acceptance of all types of people in the gay community and beyond. 

December 13, 2016

Episode #57 - Splitting the Whiskers for the KIDS

We talk about whisker splitting, dick rating, marry/fuck/kill, and so much more! I'd describe what we did on the show, but I barely remember. #SplitTheWhiskersForNathan 

December 1, 2016

Episode #56 - THE MORNING AFTER - Sex Facts and What We Like

In this episode of the show we talk about the things we like in the bedroom, and what LOVE really is. We talk sex facts, and find out all about eachother's buttholes. Yep, folks, it's one of those butt shows.

November 29, 2016

Episode #55 - Taryn’s Ass Episode and Sex Position Game

In this episode, we talk about Taryn's recent ass-discoveries! Also, we play a sex position replication game that was a HIT. We got really close and personal with eachother. Good LAWD. 

November 22, 2016

Episode #54 - New Blood on the Show - Interview with Akira Shell

On this episode of SFD we welcome Kandy and Frankie - they're new to the show! Kandy performs in theater shows with our hosts. We get to the bottom of their lesbian-ness and what makes them tick. Then we chat with Akira Shell and holy shit she's on fire....literally....she does smoking fetish videos. Then we play truth or dare and it becomes apparent that at some point, Nathan will be stripping for everyone (guess it's time to hit the gym).

November 15, 2016

Episode #53 - Spunksgiving with Two Thorned Rose - Lexie James

In this episode of our show, we have Two Thorned Rose and Syn back in the studio. They are fantastic. We shoot Spunklube at each other and it got really messy and a ton of fun. Then we chatted with Lexie James about her experience working at a Nevada Ranch....and she partied with Ron Jeremy and wore her puss out! Tune in for the fun! 

November 10, 2016

Episode #52 - Post Erection Coverage - Love ALWAYS Trumps Hate….and we talk about wieners.

In this episode it's Paige, Taryn, and Nathan talking about their promiscuous ways. We touch on the election, and how it's impacted us. We also go through Taryn's tinder, and we see how she's been making out.....she's such a ho! ;)